Our bakery is all about inclusivity, not taking ourselves too seriously, all whilst baking excellent goods for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned sourdough-ist, looking for a nostalgic bite back in time to memories of your first ‘real’ butter croissant, or you just need a spot a for a delicious lunch… Come on down.


Founded by us, Harvey and Sarah Allen, we have long been super passionate about bringing ‘real’ baked goods to local people and businesses. This dream has been years in the planning, and in the lead up to launch, without Sarah’s constant source of energy, support and creative input, none of this dream would ever have become the reality it is today.

Together with our Head of Bread Carl Brennan, with 30 years experience in the craft and artisan bread business, we supply a whole host of local independent businesses with a selection of white and brown sourdough, French style baguettes and more ‘traditional’ tin loaves. The third member of our founding bakery team is Lucy. She has always had a huge love of baking both professionally, but also as a hobbyist!